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Does the United Way spend most of their money on administrative costs and office space?

78% of the United Way of Lincoln County funds go straight to support the programs. The other 22% ensure that the agencies and programs appropriately receive and distribute their funding, manage the many donors and donations, and apply for and manage additional grants for the community. The County provides our office space at $1.00 per year putting even more dollars back to our agencies.

Does the Executive Director make an exuberant amount of money and receive luxurious fringe benefits?

No! The Executive Director of the United Way of Lincoln County works 30 hours per week and is paid $44,000 per year. She receives $400 a quarter (total $1600.00 per year retirement) and $200 per month medical and or dental allowance. Our director uses her own cell phone and according to this year’s auditor. “You’re United Way is fiscally responsible and in reviewing 2017 audit, spending is under budget”.  The Executive Director is a member of the Tocqueville Society.

Does our local United Way have ties with UW of Central Carolinas?

No! Each United Way is autonomous, run by its own Board of Directors, making decisions that are vital/unique/important to each individual community. Keeping local dollars local.

Does the money I give get sent to other communities or does it stay here and help people in Lincoln County?

The only donations that are used outside of Lincoln County are ones that have been designated directly to another county. Otherwise all of the funds stay in Lincoln County to help Lincoln County residents.

How do you decide which programs get money? Is it all about who you know, not what you offer to the community?

Each year, every agency must re-apply through a lengthy application and interview process to be considered for funding. There are no guarantees of funding from year to year. The application and interviews focus on measurable outcomes that make a big impact in the community.

Does the United Way serve 14 member agencies with a concentrated focus on education, income and health?

Yes! In the past two years our High School dropout rate has decreased due to having graduation coaches in each of our High Schools paid for by your UW dollars. Prosecution rate for child abuse molesters are at 99% for Lincoln County because of your dollars at work. Adults with disabilities are able to work and earn a paycheck because or your UW dollars. Counseling services are available for victims of domestic violence and their children. Women are being taught how to care for their families, job skills, cooking, and becoming contributing members of our society. 

Is the United Way just about raising money and nothing more?

No! United Way is so much more. Through 2-1-1  United Way of Lincoln County provides thousands of callers who have immediate needs with information and referrals to specialized resources, from energy and utility assistance and housing to intensive child care needs and volunteer opportunities.

United Way administers the FEMA EFSP dollars designated to our community last year totaling over $44,000 to assist with emergency shelter.

United Way has a very involved teen board that raises funds to purchase Christmas presents for teenagers in need, participates in the summer reading book bags for kids program, and holds a free prom dress and coat drive each year.

United Way raised $364,237 last year for our 14 member partner agencies.

Our director serves on the Partnership for Children Board, the Emergency Management Board, and Work Force Development Board, the Carolina Healthcare Transitional Committee and is a member of the Lincoln Rotary Club.

Is the United Way of Lincoln County a national organization.

No! United Way operates as an independent 501C(3) organization governed by a board of directors (up to 25 members) that approves all funding decisions. We do license our name from United Way Worldwide (UWW) and 1% of revenue goes to UWW for licensing fees and dues. UWW also is a great resource for training, documents and other valuable tools to help better our organization to improving lives in our community.

Are the programs and agencies that receive United Way money monitored regularly?

Yes! Agencies are required to regularly report their financials to United Way. Each year during the re-application process, proof of sound financial management is critical to receiving support from United Way.

Is United Way held accountable by anyone other than the local boards?

Being part of United Way Worldwide gives us a brand that’s well recognized and respected worldwide, Standards of Excellence to which we subscribe that insures our operations are well run and legal, opportunities for first-class training at low costs, marketing and incredible research resources that a smaller United Way such as ours could not afford to do on our own. 

Is the United Way just about collecting money not helping people?

No! We work diligently to stay abreast of current issues, to help coordinate/facilitate efforts and collaborate on initiatives that can affect the long term health of our community. We want our donors to feel confident their donations are doing the most good. We have a stellar board of directors who recognize our role in the community is to be good stewards of the money trusted to our care; to make well-educated decisions, execute due diligence on programs and organizations that we feel are well-run, and are achieving positive outcomes for their clients as well as our community. The UW Executive Director coordinates services to help people in need find food, clothing, rent, mortgage, furniture, and so much more.

Is the United Way really needed? Doesn't the government take care of health and human service problems?

No! In recent years, there has been a dramatic reduction in federal and state government funding for human service needs. All indications suggest that the cuts are deeper than ever. Yet at the same time, there are more people needing assistance. As a result, your gift through United Way is increasingly more important because it stays in our community, helping to stabilize families. In addition, United Way works with local and state government to coordinate efforts and improve delivery services to those who need help.

Does the United Way encourage arm twisting when it comes to asking for pledges?

No! The United Way of Lincoln County has a policy against coercion, and under no circumstances should an employee be threatened or coerced into contributing. Giving is a personal matter and a personal decision; whether people give and how much they choose to give is up to each individual. The purpose of United Way is to offer people an opportunity to care so that others can receive the help they need. We hope you will give because you are able to and because you feel good about it. The size of the gift does not matter, whatever you can give, gives hope.

Does the United Way have a strong partnership with our school system, college, local businesses and individuals, as well as County and City Officials?

Yes! No one agency or organization can make changes alone. For more than 50 years, we have been a trusted leader across the county. Giving  to United Way of Lincoln County means you are directing much needed dollars towards the root-causes of some of today's (and tomorrow’s) most pressing issues – like education, income and health.

Our trusted experts and knowledgeable staff work with hundreds of partners across the county and know how your funds can do the most good for the most people. United Way of Lincoln County makes nonprofits more efficient by assuming fundraising, marketing and customer service expenses for them. We also offer the highest level of accountability – for ourselves and our partners.