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2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting Award Winners

The following companies and individuals were recognized at the 2018 Annual Meeting held on May 8, 2018 at noon at the Lincoln Cultural:

Teen Board Award:  Jaycee Beam
Each year the United Way is enriched by our young leaders. Their mission is to seek to embrace our community as young volunteers so that they may understand the needs of all people and grow to be adults who respond to such needs. Last year we had 100% of our young leaders go off to College. Our newly formed teen board members under the direction of Co-Chair Tracy Barger and Dr. Susan Cannon has just gotten off the ground. However we had one very special young lady come back from last year to assist with the leadership of this year’s teen board. The United Way recognizes this individual for her leadership and servant heart.  

Volunteers of the Year:  Leslie Barlowe, Diane Abernathy, Scott Abernathy, BJ Allen, Sue Bodman, Sam and Sharon Lowman, Linda Shrewsbury, and Mr. Ken Spencer. We would also like to thank Dr. Team Beam and his involvement with working with these volunteers on the ARC Project.
This year United Way had 1145 hours of volunteerism. These hours only included the Day of Caring and other service hours and not the numerous hours that have been put in to the ARC Project. Just for the months of October through December 159.5 hours have been given to the Asbury Project. The numbers are still being finalized for the 2017-2018 year. It is in the hundreds if not thousands. This group of individuals is what keeps the ARC going. This year United Way would like to recognize the ARC Volunteers and will proudly place the plaque in the Asbury Resource Center. 

Christiana Arlow Award:  Marsha Ivey
This award is given to an individual who regularly attends board meetings, sponsored a table at the Christmas Gala, volunteers her services through her business, attended the entire day of allocation presentations and always exemplifies the spirit of community, leadership and service to her community. This year’s Cristina Arlow Award proudly goes to. 

Governors Service Award:  Atrium Health of Lincoln County
Created in 1979, this award is an important part of the proud history and tradition of volunteerism and community service in our county and state. Selections for this award are based on the nominee’s volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, community impact and enhancement of the lives of others.  This year’s recipients have volunteered at A Place to Grow, Hesed House of Hope, Day of Caring, DSS, LC Coalition against Child Abuse, Pregnancy Care Center, Amy’s Closet, Relay for Life, ARC Project, Senior Services, YMCA, Y Readers and so much more.  

John Somers:  Elliott Beal Award
The Elliott Beal Award is about volunteering.  It is awarded annually to a person that has gone above and beyond the call of service and dedication to the United Way. This individual has served as Campaign Chair, Division Chair, served on the finance committee, worked to bring in new individuals and businesses to the United Way this year. Always around to help set up or clean up from events, served two years at the Day of caring, always willing to sponsor an event and works throughout the year organizing opportunities within his work that strongly impacts the most urgent needs in our community. 

Two School Awards
The Lincoln County schools are such an important part of our campaign. We all know that Teachers are already pressed for academic achievement, safety, test scores, school attendance and so much more. Today is Teacher Appreciation day and we wish all of our Teachers a very special Teachers appreciation day and thank you. Each year we award two schools with the greatest achievement in campaign excellence. This year we are so proud to present the Elementary Plaque to a school that had a decrease in the number of donors but an increase in the gift amount by 4.1%  This award goes to Iron Station Elementary School.

The Intermediate plaques is given to a school that had an increase in number of donors by 33.33%, 29.79 % in average gift and 73.05 increase in employee per capita. This award is given to North Lincoln Middle School.

Campaign Chair Award:  James Bagnola of the Timken Company
This was this individuals first year as campaign chair. He organized food, speakers, and incentives at their campaign kick-off for over 600 employees. He challenged the group to even more by organizing a fun afternoon of games and hot dogs. He even up the Annie by talking his boss into shaving his head if he was sable to raise an additional $5,000 dollars. This year was an exceptional difficult year to choose a winner because everyone who campaign for their place of work did so with such enthusiasm and fun as was apparent by CTB.

Excellence in Participation and Leadership Giving: 

Carolinas Trust Bank (CTB):

  • 100% increase in # of leadership donors and donations
  • 7.18% increase in average gift
  • 7.59%increase in corporate per capita
  • 7.18% increase in employee capita
  • 6.25% increase in corporate gift 5.86% in employee gifts

Lincoln County Schools:

  • 300% increase in number of leadership donors
  • 316% increase in leadership donations
  • 17.35 % increase in average gift
  • 5.08% increase in employee gifts

Lincoln County Government:

  • 33.33% increase in number of donors
  • 29.79% in average gift
  • 73.052% in overall campaign


  • 80.75% in overall campaign
  • 150% increase in number of leadership donors
  • 139.24% increase in leadership donations

Excellence in Leadership: The Timken Company
This award is giving to an organization or business that has measurable effects on their communities. That impact might be the result of any number of activities, such as job creation, workforce development, volunteer efforts, board service or innovative business models that promote social goals. This company has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars for our community. Lincoln County Schools, Chamber of Commerce, LEDA, also for UW but for the many of the agencies we serve. 

Community Impact Award: Duke Energy
This Company made a significant impact on many endeavors but one stand out. A Lincoln County student who was accepted into the Boston School of Science State Conference and unable to attend due to her mom working three jobs and being a single parent will be attending in June of this year thanks to this organization. In addition to their campaign the employees of this plant awarded United Way and 5 partner agencies an additional $3000.00 each for a total of $15, 000 for community impact efforts. Through the efforts of all of the employees leadership of their organization or through individual efforts. 

Corporate Leadership Award: The Timken Company
Making Our World Work Better that is the motto of this great company. They play an active role in shaping the world around us. By combining forces and resources, they strive to enrich the quality of life, and promote opportunities and growth for all. This company had a $30,000 increase in corporate giving.

Campaign Excellence: Duke Energy
This Company exemplifies leadership in every sense of the way. Through their community involvement, leadership, volunteerism board service and community impact this organization has the largest number of leadership givers with three of them giving at the Detoquville level.

Pacesetter Award: The Timken Company
The Pacesetter Campaign will lead the effort as it works to raise the first dollars toward meeting the campaign goal. This year’s Pacesetter award not only exceeded its previous year goals but this company and its staff goes above and beyond during their campaign and throughout the year. 

  • This company had a 133.77 percent increase in leadership giving
  • 22.13% increase in employee gifts
  • 35.94% increase in special gift
  • 27.16% increase in average gift
  • This year’s pacesetter of the year increased their campaign by $29, 355.28