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The Timken Company donated a van to the Kids At Work culinary program in Lincoln County. The van will be used to provide transportation for students participating in the 16 week program that meets on Wednesdays at Asbury United Methodist Church.

"We were introduced to the Kids@Work program through our involvement with United Way," said Regis Eger, Plant Manager at the Timken Lincolnton Bearing Plant. "Every day, Timken associates make our world a better place through volunteerism, community leadership and financial support. We believe that investing in programs that invest in our youth will make Lincoln County better."

The Kids At Work! program launched it's Culinary School last Fall in Lincoln County. The program is designed to provide kids ages 12-17 with not only technical cooking skills, but also better methods of communication. Skills they need when they are ready to get hired for a job.

“This van will eliminate the transportation barrier that Lincoln County youth would otherwise have in getting to and from the culinary program,” said Kim Castano, Executive Director. “We are so pleased with the support we have received from businesses like Timken, churches, community leaders and the United Way of Lincoln County.”

Kids At Work! is a program offered through Aspire Youth & Family, Inc. The concept is to provide a hands-on, exciting and unique way for students to learn and apply academic and social concepts. Additionally, the kids learn about nutrition and how a healthy diet contributes to greater well-being. The Kids at Work! Program utilizes the model program, Say it Straight to improve assertive communication and conflict resolution skills.